Community Success Story Grand River

Community Success - Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere

When a Kitchener youth was murdered in 2001, the CMHA Grand River Branch responded by creating a peer-to-peer violence prevention program called WAYVE (Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere). WAYVE brings together youth volunteers from high schools in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area and supports them to address youth-identified issues such as bullying and cyber-bullying, harassment, racism and discrimination, youth suicide, self-harm and gang violence. 

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Community Success Story North Glengarry

Community Success - North Glengarry Youth Centre Maison des Jeunes

When a group of youth in Alexandria – a rural community in the Township of North Glengarry – were getting into trouble for skateboarding, they pointed out to staff at the North Glengarry Youth Centre Maison des Jeunes that they would not be skateboarding in areas they weren’t supposed to if there was a designate skatepark.  This started a long journey to improve youth infrastructure in Alexandria.

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Community Success Story South Etobicoke

Community Success - South Etobicoke Youth Assembly

Back in 2000, 10 youth decided that things in their community had to change. Youth-related issues were not being addressed in their neighbourhood, and they wanted to increase dialogue with local political leaders and councilors. They organized an event to bring youth together to talk about the lack of services and recreational opportunities for youth.  This laid the foundation for the South Etobicoke Youth Assembly (SEYA), now housed at the LAMP Community Health Centre.

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Community Success Story Regent Park

Community Success - Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre

Video production. Photography. Audio arts. Graphic design. Comics and zines. Print journalism. Instrumental music. Music recording. New media. Web design. What’s the connection between these varied forms of media arts and substance use prevention? One only has to look to Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre and its well-recognized work with youth in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood to answer this question!

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