Make The Links

How do we help young people to develop capacity to realize their own abilities, make a contribution to society and learn how to take control of their own lives?  How do we help them successfully manage life’s ups and downs? How can they avoid acting in ways that can harm their health, such as using tobacco, alcohol, and other substances?

This section of YouThrive helps you answer these questions. Many of the factors that affect young people’s health fall outside of the health care system. Understanding these factors can help you take action, so that young people in your community grow up healthy and realize their full potential.

“We need to look beyond the health care system to other factors that enhance mental health and create supportive communities…”
Open Minds, Healthy Minds: Ontario’s Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy (Govt. Ontario: Queen’s Printer, 2011)


Documents sourced in this section can be found here.